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Matchless Matrons


Rollingwoods Gin-N-Tonic

ROLLINGWOODS GIN-N-TONIC is one of those marvelous mares who has been a fine show pony herself and has transmitted this excellence to her offspring!  In 1990, as "Short Notice", Toni was champion or reserve at many of the Palm Beach and Tampa shows to earn the Winter Equestrian Festival Reserve Circuit Championship in Small/Medium Green Pony Hunters. She was also Champion Medium at the big Equifest Show in Illinois.  During her two years in Colorado, she earned numerous Colorado Hunter Jumper Association year-end awards. In addition, she has been the Welsh National High-Score Champion in Half-Welsh Halter, Hunter, and English Pleasure, has won in training level dressage, and has foxhunted.

Rollingwoods Gin-N-Tonic

R. Gin-N-Tonic

R. Gin-N-Tonic

Li'l Epic





It has been a great pleasure for us to see her first daughter from 1992, Helicon Take Notice by GlanNant Epic, capture the 1999 HITS-Ocala Circuit Championship in Small Pony Hunters as well as the 2000 WEF Reserve Circuit Championship and Pony Finals Reserve Championship!  Take Notice was Mom's halter foal and she has remained very special to us with her beauty, talent, and affectionate manner.  In 2001, "Alexis" was SMALL PONY CHAMPION AT THE AHSA/PRUDENTIAL PONY FINALS!

Helicon Take Notice

Helicon Take Notice


Helicon Formal Notice

Helicon Formal Notice

Next came Helicon Notice Me who was seventh in the nation in Large Green Pony Hunters in 1999.  She is a much larger version but shares her sister's flowing step, jumping ability, and sweetness. Toni took time off from her broodmare duties and then produced Helicon Formal Notice in 1998 and this large striking chestnut roan filly, with a flaxen mane and tail like Daddy Epic's, was WPCSA Reserve National Half-Welsh Two and Under as a foal.  The first colt arrived in 1999 and has the biggest, boldest stride and with a "can do" 
attitude to match.  We call him "Hot Rod" but his real name is Helicon Special Notice. The Millennium model, sired by Epic when he was 35 years old, is Helicon Epilogue.  He was foaled October 26, 2000 on the SAME SPOT his daddy had died at the Rockton, Illinois farm on May 18 at age 36!  "Little Epic" is chestnut roan like Epic and has the same friendly ways.  He won Grand Champion Half-Welsh titles in Florida at 8, 12 and 24 months of age!

HELICON TIDDLYWINKS, Welsh Section B, has been another fine producer of Epic performance ponies: Helicon Heat Wave, so named because it was 107 degrees in Rockton, Illinois the day she was born (She was a Welsh English Pleasure champion for us in her youth, then many times medium pony hunter champion in Colorado) and Helicon Mayflower (VA State Short Stirrup Champion)  Watch for Emily Elek's Helicon Epic Quest at the WHJA (WI) shows.  Tiddles is also the dam of the excellent herd sire, Helicon Epic Horizons, in Wyoming.  Her 2000 filly Helicon Bon Voyage by GlanNant Captain (GlanNant Country Roads X *Cwmpennant Carina, also the dam of GlanNant Skipper) sold to Georgia.  A 2001 filly by Country, the spectacular moving Helicon Primrose Path, is for sale while her 2002 full sister, Helicon Abbey Road, will be retained at Helicon.

Tiddlywinks passes her scopey movement on to her offspring.  She is a grandaughter of Farnley Sparkler (*Farnley Sirius X *Cui Glitter - also the dam of *Farnley Lustre), GlanNant Wink (Liseter Red Bird X GlanNant Lyric, the dam of our multiple champion Spring Valleys Runner), and GlanNant Rondel (*Cusop Sheriff X GlanNant Rhyme by *Brockwell Spider) which gives her double crosses to Epic's dam, *Coed Coch Prydyddes by Criban Victor.



2001 Welsh Section B mare, chestnut roan with triangular star, by GlanNant Country Roads (by *Cusop Sparklet, the sire of 4 AHSA Horse of the Year Champions) X Helicon Tiddlywinks (Farnley Sparkler, Farnley Sirius, *Cusop Sheriff, *Coed Coch Prydyddes, Liseter Red Bird, etc) Tiddlywinks is one of our best producers with many good hunter ponies to her credit as well as the fine young stallion in MT, Helicon Epic Horizons. Primrose is typy with superb long movement and has been ridden lightly.

This great mover will stay at Helicon in the court of our junior stallion, Helicon Epilogue! Her younger sisters are for sale to show homes.



UNCHAINED MELODY  is a lovely bay 13.2 hand crossbred of Who's Who hunter pony bloodlines.  She is by AllStar by Anisha (who also sired the prominent hunter ponies, Farnley Lettuce and Kohlrabi, Southern Breeze and Western Breeze, Cocksrow Flair, and Lord Fairchild).  Her dam, Bonnie Reb, was large pony hunter champion at Devon, Washington, and other prominent Eastern shows.  Bonnie was by the Thoroughbred stallion, Old Glendale, and out of  Gremlin's Delight (who had a perfect over fences score at the 1961 International Pony Teams competition in England) by Farnley Gremlin.  Bonnie Reb was a full sister to the famous Dresden and to Share the Wealth.

Melody's first foal for us is the elegant dark bay 1999 gelding, Helicon Corvette, by Helicon Corsair, and he is one sporty model!  Look for him on the sales list.  Melody's winning 2001 colt, Helicon Classic Country , may be found @ New Homes.


With 2003 colt

"No other mare gets
near MY week old foal!"

HELICON ALL SMILES ("Amber") is a 13.2 hand chestnut Arab cross by GlanNant Epic.  Her successful halter career was cut short by the loss of an eye as a two year old.  How on earth did that happen?  She swung her head while long-lining in an open bridle and severely injured the eye on a flat wood arena wall.  Just one of those tragic things. She is trained to ride and drive nonetheless, but handed the showing on to her younger sister. Helicon Jump for Joy showed athleticism as a foal by sailing over a broodmare in the field!  She also enjoyed jumping little in and outs over tires from a cross country course of long ago. "Topaz" showed in hand at four months and Hetty Abeles selected her as champion in the Half Welsh division.  Putting her early jumping talents to good use, this mare was ninth in the nation in large green pony hunters as a four year old campaigning as Helicon Lady Jayne.  Look for All Smiles' eye-catching 1999 daughter,  Helicon Platinum Blonde and her 2001 and 2002 "pocket ponies", Helicon Miles of Smiles and Helicon Easy Street on @ New Homes.  Reserve the 2004 full sibling by GlanNant Country Roads NOW.



Cat Creek Rose of Grace





Cat Creek Rose of Grace


Cat Creek Rose of Grace and her filly Helicon Cordelia

CAT CREEK ROSE OF GRACE, a First Premium American Sport Pony, is a fancy 13 hand GlanNant Epic/Arabian cross.  Grace is also the dam of Helicon Silver Beacon by CC Fury.

Helicon Cordelia, Grace's 2001 large by Helicon Corsair, was SITE CHAMPION at the AWR/ASP Approval in Illinois.  Harryet van Oers, inspector from the Netherlands, cited her "incredible shoulder for a pony," "impressive trot and canter," "correctness and elegance."  "Delia" is now owned by Equustock LLC of Rockton, Illinois.

A full sibling to Cordelia will be available in 2004!  You may reserve this special foal now if you wish.

Lexi Heath on

Helicon Silver Beacon

at Chateau Elan, GA 2002



The 2002 filly Helicon Country Grace was SWA Grand Champion at 4 months and now lives with the Seek family of Ocala, FL

Meet our latest treasure!  This is a mare I have loved since she spent her foal summer with us in 1988.  Patchwork Dragon Charmer is by GlanNant Epic out of a GlanNant Tango mare so her movement is a given!  Her full brother is the gorgeous palomino stallion, P. Gold Nugget.  We are looking forward to a GlanNant Country Roads foal, a 3/4 sibling to the lovely small pony hunter champion, P. Strawberry.  We thank Pat Dekko for the opportunity to have this purebred Epic daughter to join our two crossbreds - all superb broodmares!

Patchwork Dragon Charmer  




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