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Check our record!


hunter Pony finals


* Silver Steps (Helicon Garden Party) by GlanNant Epic - Susie Fried

1996 Champion Small


(Helicon) Touch of Frost - Daisy Johnson

1998 Champion Small with highest Small over fences score


*Tickle Me Too by GlanNant Epic - Whitney Roper

Reserve Champion Medium with highest O/F score of the finals


*Believe In Magic (GlanNant Skipper) - Jennifer Bliss

Trained at Helicon Show Stables, Parker CO

1999 Champion Medium and Overall Reserve Grand with 2nd highest O/F score of the finals

Helicon Take Notice Helicon Take Notice by GlanNant Epic

2000 Reserve Champion Small - Caitlin Donovan

2001 Champion Small - Nicoletta von Heidegger

2004 Reserve Champion Small - Reed Kessler


Congratulations to 2002 Medal and National Horse Show Champions who enjoyed ponies from Helicon in their youth

Maggie Jayne
Daisy Johnson
Whitney Roper
Lauren Van Eldik

and in 2003 to Charlie Jayne


AHSA Horse of the Year - Sired by GlanNant Epic

1982 McGregor (Lyn-Lee Calypso) - Large Green Pony Hunter

1984 McGregor  - Large Pony Hunter

1993 Silver Steps (Helicon Garden Party) - Small/Medium Green Pony Hunter

1995 Silver Steps  - Small Pony Hunter

1996 Silver Steps - Small Pony Hunter

1998 Portrait Painter - Large and Grand Green Pony Hunter

2001 Silver Steps - Small Pony Hunter

2004 Helicon Take Notice
         - Reserve Horse of the Year in Small Pony Hunter


American Sport Pony


2000 AWR/American Sport Pony - Illinois Site Champion


GlanNant Epic

USA Equestrian Top Five Pony Hunter Sire of the Year 2001
The Epic offspring accrued over 25,000 points!

2003, 2004, 2005  USEF Top Ten Pony Hunter Sires of the Year

USEF Leading Pony Hunter Sire - for 2006 #7 out of 186 - Top 4%!

USEF Welsh Sire #5

USEF Pony Jumper Sire #12

  GlanNant Country Roads
USEF #4 Pony Hunter Breeding Sire of the Year 2004
which made us #3 Leading Breeders for Pony Hunter Breeding

Helicon Corsair

WPCSA #2 Half Welsh Sire of the Year 2004

Molly Rinedollar and Thalia Gentzel

USEF #4 Leading Pony Hunter Breeders 2004
USEF #6 Leading Pony Hunter Breeders 2005, 2006

George and Thalia Gentzel

USEF #3 Leading Pony Hunter Breeding Breeders 2004




George and Thalia Gentzel

Helicon Sport Ponies

Please call by phone or email



Helicon Show Stables / Helicon Sport Ponies

9736 E. Bayou Gulch Road

Parker, CO 80134

Cell phone: (720)320-7362

Barn Phone: (303)814-3536



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